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Molecular Cloning

Molecular Cloning

CCOA Biotechnology provides multiple molecular cloning services including PCR cloning, mutagenesis, generation of phage libraries and DNA sequencing analysis.


Transfection-grade Plasmid Preparation

Transfection-grade plasmid preparation

At CCOA Biotechnology, we offer a cost-effective plasmid production for all applications that require high quality and quantity of low endotoxin plasmid preps.


Antibody Humanization

Antibody humanization

CCOA biotechnology’s antibody humanization service includes generation of chimeric antibodies (consisting of non-human variable region and human constant regions) as well as grafting the murine CDRs into an appropriate human framework, while retaining the binding affinity and specificity of parental antibody.


Antibody Epitope Mapping

Antibody epitope mapping

This service includes identification of the antibody’s binding site on the target and sorting a set of antibodies into different groups, based on their binding sites on the target. Employing an alanine scanning technique, CCOA Biotechnology is able to precisely map the binding site on the antigen.



Antibody Affinity Maturation

Antibody affinity maturation

CCOA Biotechnology employs different phage display library generation and screening strategies to increase the affinity of antibodies, while retaining the binding specificity of the parental antibody. Our method can be used to improve the binding of any antibody to its antigen.


Antigen Production

Antigen production

CCOA Biotechnology employs different expression systems for production of recombinant proteins including transient mammalian, bacteria and yeast expression systems. With this service, you can have your proteins produced with any tag and in any buffer. 


Stable Cell Line Generation

Stable cell line generation 

CCOA Biotechnology not only offers cost- and time-effective production of stable CHO lines expressing a large amount of your protein of interest, but also of any desired cell line with overexpression, knock-out and knock-in of your protein of interest.


Antibody Development

Custom Antibody Development

We employed hybridoma and phage display techniques for custom monoclonal antibody development. This service also includes cloning, expression and purification of different antibody formats (IgG, Fabs and scFvs) and isotypes from different species. We offer high quality and cost-effective production of antibody variants in different expression systems.


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