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CCOA Health® 80% alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer


  • Developed by a group of worldwide leading scientists and doctors from CCOA Therapeutics

  • Contains 80% alcohol which is strongly recommended by WHO and Health Canada for increased antiseptic efficacy

  • Can effectively and quickly kill viruses, germs, and fungi

  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, and does not hurt hands with highest quality of alcohol and glycerol

  • Wide application: Spray directly on hand, the skin, table, furniture and other places that need to be disinfected without washing. Potable size and it is the most suitable for carrying in bags, wallets and travel bags.

  • High Quality Guarantee: These hand sanitizers are distrubuted for use in hospitals, clinics and other professional institutions, as well as for personal use.  


  • 200L/drum

  • 5 gallons, 2.5 gallons and 1 gallon

  • 60mL and 200 mL 

Direction for Use/Mode d’emploi

For adults and children over 2 years. Supervise children when they use this product. For occasional and personal domestic use. Rub thoroughly into hands for at least 30 seconds. Allow to dry.

Pour adultes et enfants de plus de 2 ans. Surveillez les enfants lorsqu’ils utilisent ce produit. Pour usage occasionnel et domestique. Frotter soigneusement dans les mains pendant au moins 30 secondes.

Medicinal Ingredients/Ingrédients Médicinaux

80% Ethyl Alcohol

Alcool Éthylique à 80%

–62% and 70%-75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers are predominant.

Why we choose 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

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  • –Studies have shown that 80% alcohol can kill most bacteria and enveloped viruses within seconds. It is fast onset with strong effect.     

  • –A complete virus particle is composed of a protective protein shell and nucleic acids enclosed by the shell. Some viruses have an envelope on the outer layer, usually composed of fat and protein. These viruses are called enveloped viruses. The SARS-CoV-2, influenza viruses, and hepatitis B viruses are in this category.     

  • –Alcohol can quickly and effectively eliminate the enveloped virus. Because alcohol is fat-soluble, it can dissolve the outer fat envelope. Alcohol also has hydrophilic properties, so it can absorb the water of the virus protein shell and also destroy the protein. The traction force between the inside and the outside causes dehydration, denaturation and solidification of the protein shell to achieve the purpose of eliminating viruses.

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